Welcome To Guru

2 Ari Velouhioti str. Rethymnon - tel: +30 2831.036.000


… The absolute combination of pleasure and fun …

A place you will love and visit again and again …

Coffee, breakfast, imaginative dishes that will take off your taste, drinks and coctails, all in one place, on the beach of Rethymno,

along with an endless blue of the Cretan Sea …

About us: Our philosophy

Guru bar was created with a single purpose: your fun and pleasure!

By the sea, a few minutes walk from the old town of Rethymnon, we offer rest and relaxation under the vast mediterranean sun by serving everything you may need all hours of the day

Breakfast and coffee: a good dynamic kick start of your day

Coffee for your relaxation or meeting

Lunch or Dinner: Authentic sushi cuisine for those looking for something special, along with distinct Cretan flavors for those with a taste for the traditional

Special labels for wine lovers

Cocktails and drinks: all hours of the day at the bar

Guru bar is a fun combination, it’s all you’re looking for and it’s here for you!

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